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EPTU at WTF Para-taekwondo Committee Meeting

EPTU at WTF Para-taekwondo Committee MeetingOn November 28, 2014 after the 1st Seminar for Calssifiers and the 3rd European Para-taekwondo Championships have been finished WTF Para-taekwondo Committee members gathered in the Conference Hall of Maritim Pine Resort Hotel to discuss the important questions concerning the further development of para-taekwondo in the world.

European Para-taekwondo Union (EPTU) had a chance to present EPTU Progress Report in schemes and tables. WTF noticed a positive dinamic of para-taekwondo development within European Territory. Year by year a number of participants in National and International Para-taekwondo events increases rapidly as well as the number of countries taking part in Continental and World Championships.

Since 2015 WTF is going to start a Ranking system for para-taekwondo kyorugi athletes. Therefore, EPTU suggested to hold G1 Open para-taekwondo tournaments. EPTU Vice-President explained: "For instance, in Europe we have countries which hold their own National Para-taekwondo Championships every year. So, in 2015 we can make them open like G1 open taekwondo tournaments. Countries from all over the world will have a chance to participate in a bigger number of events and improve their ranks."

The President of Russian Para-taekwondo Union, Mr. Aleksand Shlychkov added: "Currently, Russian Para-taekwondo Team is the biggest and strongest in Europe. We are ready to host the 1st Russian Para-taekwondo Open already in 2015. Hope other countries will follow our example."

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