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Russia is a hosting country for the 2 Stage of WTF Recearch

2StageWTFRecearchWorld Taekwondo Federation have since 2009 held World Para-taekwondo Championships. European Para-taekwondo Union counts two organized European Para-taekwondo Championships. The main goal of holding these events is including para-taekwondo to Paralympic Games 2020.

The first step is to develop para-taekwondo classification so that it is fair and transparent in line with IPC standards. For the second stage, it is necessary best para-taekwondo athletes to be tested.

Russian National Para-taekwondo team is the biggest para-taekwondo team in Europe and the top teamin the World. That is why Russia is suggested to be the hosting country for the research. Also athletes and coaches from France and turkey are involved to the WTF Recearch Project.



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